The Yin and Yang of Doodles

It has been so long since we shot these photos, the puppy is probably full grown! Yes, I am behind on blogging!

When you are a dog photo[grapher and you receive a call from a family that they just adopted a furry baby and would like to book a session, well you squeal a bit! I have had the pleasure of working with Matt and his dog Griffin, the now older Doodle brother, in the Tampa Bay Rays Players and Pooches Calendar. He is an angel, so calm, so smart and incredibly patient! I could not wait to meet Dunkin, they are the Yin and Yang of Doodles.

Looking forward to seeing you grace the pages of the calendar this year Dunkin!

moore-10 moore-13 moore-13-2 moore-16 moore-11 moore-15 moore-14 moore-17 moore-18 moore-19

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