Watch Me Grow

I will make an attempt to explain my excitement over this project. This year I have been a part of three dog calendars. This one, winners of an online photo contest, brought me all over the Tampa Bay Area. Over the course of a month, I came together with beautiful dog owners to capture their dogs spirit, love and character. These images grace 12 months of the 2016 Grow Financial Dog Calendar. To see the images in print, sitting in Grow Financials all across Florida and South Carolina was beyond exciting! And to think,  I was able to enjoy this journey with 12 furry friends! EEEKKKK, I still explode with excitement!

Let me introduce you to the beautiful faces of the 2016 Grow Financial Calendar.

grow financial-30 grow financial-29 grow financial-28 grow financial-27 grow financial-26 grow financial-25 grow financial-24 grow financial-23 grow financial-22 grow financial-21 grow financial-20 grow financial-19 grow financial-18 grow financial-17 grow financial-16 grow financial-13 grow financial-12 grow financial-10 dog.Beach-80-2

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