Unleashed, The Beginning

_SWP6848 copy

If you have come here to support my mission, a big wet nose THANK YOU goes out to you! My life has been changed over the last 2 months as I have spent time photographing pets that have found themselves without a home, without a companion. I look into those eyes and see such innocence, a forgiving spirit, a welcoming wag. How are they so forgiving? My mission has also prompted something bigger in me. That true feeling that when you know what you love, when you feel it in every part of your being, if you can make it fit, if it works, open it up to your life. So here I am. Opening my family photography business to encompass a love I could not live without, pets. I hope you will join me as I post and share the precious animals I come in contact with each week in an effort to find them true love, a place they can call home. And with a wag and a smile, I hope you will join me as I open this part of my business to animals lovers looking to capture images that represent the life and art of their furry friend. Unleashed is and ALWAYS will be a mission to save those in need. Because of that a portion of each session booking fee will be donated to help a local shelter. So today is the day I will begin to be the person my dog thinks I am. I may not change the world with my small mission, but I promise you, I WILL try. Pictured below is my favorite mutt that started it all.

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