The Name

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You have to know when you speak to someone about their session and you can hear them smiling over the telephone, things are good! I get excited about sessions like this. I get excited to see and hear the joy that comes from someone talking about the things, people, animals they love! That spark is easy to capture. And so, with this in mind, you would think I was talking about people. Heck NO!!! This is a family of animal lovers, a family made up of two dogs…a third was added shortly after our session. This is a family that operates as one, fur and all! I’ve got to tell you, I am smiling just writing about it. I love these two people, their humor, their passion, their ┬ákindness, their outlook on life, more than I can possibly express here. If you have come here because you too know them, well then you too know EXACTLY what I am am talking about. I introduce to you two amazing human beings and the furry ones that they love.

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  1. Sarah,

    Thank you for this blog post. It takes a special and “the right” photographer to be able to reflect a human’s (much less a dog’s!) personality in a photograph – and you caught our Frank and Bailey. Frank is often mistaken for a scary dog b/c of his looks and deep bark. However, in your photographs, you caught the sweet, loving, loyal, playful boy he really is. We can’t wait to slow down and have you come capture Sheneneh…

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