The Journey

This journey, it is not mine. I stand behind a lens, mostly silent. The moments, they unfold without prompt, with little direction. These moments belong to her, they are hers to fear, hers to embrace, hers to fight. She comes armed with everything good. A pure, good heart, a giving soul, a husband that loves beyond words, friends that cherish even on the darkest of days. This is her journey….

Her name, Pei Pei. Three months ago she was defined by the work that she has done saving lives, canine lives. She has poured her heart and soul into it. Today, she is fighting not to be defined by her cancer. The cancer? Stage 2 breast cancer, she is 41. If you know anything about breast cancer, her cancer tested positive for estrogen, progesterone, and HER2 receptors (meaning it is an aggressive cancer).

And there is it, the definition of the cancer that rages inside of her, the one she refuses to be defined by, and yet for the time being, she is. It has taken her hair, an emotional piece of her history, if she has her way that is all the cancer will take. As she embarks on this journey, she has invited me to come along.

Cancer, it is a word too common. It is a feared demon, it is powerful and it is often victorious. Stare it in the face, make it scream for mercy. All you can do is fight and… NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

This is the photographic journey of one woman, ready for the fight of her life.

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20 Comments on “The Journey

  1. This is so incredibly special Sarah. I had tears flowing down my face the whole time. Pei Pei is a solider. And she’s absolutely gorgeous to boot. My heart is with her and her family as she goes on her incredible journey to kick cancer’s ass!

  2. Awesome!! Amazing!! Pictures speak a thousand words. Pei Pei is so beautiful and so strong. Thank you to you both for sharing this journey to kick cancers ass. XOXOX

  3. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pei Pei is such an inspiration. Keep fighting, girlie!!!!!!!! Cancer sucks and I wish we could find a permanent cure. Keep your faith. What a loving husband too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sarah,

    You have a beautiful gift and I absolutely liove what you are doing. With tears in my eyes I also realize how empowering this will continue to be for my friend Pei. One moment…one day at a time…with love and support of everyone, and her EXTREME stubbornness….the cancer will be rendered powerless.

    What a great thing for others to see who may face this same journey in the future.

    I look forward to the story ending with that big beutiful smile.

    Thank you.

  5. As I slowly scrolled through your photos my emotions also scrolled. The ups and downs, the laughter and the tears are told through your photographs. Pei Pei with her loving husband Thomas is a courageous and noble warrior in this battle. Before her diagnosis Pei Pei gave of herself and now she continues to give of herself. Inspirational is the word that comes to mind. Please continue Pei’s journey with her, your camera in-hand.

  6. There are no words to describe how I feel looking at these pictures of Pei Pei. She is one incredible person with an incredible amount of strength that is admired and loved by so many. You’re picture are incredible in capturing emotions and the path in her journey. Here’s to Pei Pei setting the bar so high that cancer will run away screaming.

  7. Pei Pei. You are so in my prayers. What more can I say. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and you have depicted an amazing story. I will continue prayers and I know the power that is in them.

  8. Incredible pictures that humbled me, as the tears flowed freely. Just beautiful Sarah, you have captured the essence of the lovely Pei Pei. Thank you….Karen

  9. I have shared these incredible photos with just about everyone I can think of for they contain so many important messages. I was honored to have been present for some of these photos. The beauty, courage and strength of Pei Pei, the love and support of Thomas and the talent and well crafted words of Sarah combine for a powerful chronicle. God bless and keep you all.

  10. Wow!! This is truly beautiful!! Pei Pei you are such a strong and brave soul. You and your husband are facing a journey that is life changin. From these beautiful pictures your love and compassion for each other shines through!!! You guys are in my thoughts an prayers constantly!!! I hope that things continue to look up and that you will be healed soon!!! These things are beatable and I know in my heart you have everything you need to do so!!! KICK CANCERS ASS!!!!!

  11. You know me through Robbie. Your photographs were mind boggling. I was with Brenda and understand the many things going on in your mind. You are constantly in my heart and prayers. God bless you Both.

  12. Your journey to the best you ever. You are Awesome. Be encouraged that God is with and he is using you and your experience to inspire others. Praying your strength through the journey. Your husband is Awesome too. Blessings of Healing Restoration and Joy. Love Always.

  13. Prayers and Best Wishes from one who has been there and 40 years later still kicking. I know you will have your 40 and will be kicking too.

  14. Knowing Pei Pei I know she is strong willed and determined and will be a soldier thru this journey. Pray for u sweet friend all the way from Oklahoma!!!

  15. so proud to call this amazing woman my friend. She is superwoman works so hard. And would do anything to help person or animal in need. I feel so blessed she’s in my life. Godspeed

  16. I had the pleasure of first meeting Peipei at Suncoast animal league when I went to volunteer she is one of the most amazing people who gives her love from her heart to save canine lives I love her and wish her only the best do not give it you can and will beat this

  17. She’d I’ve been there, Pei Pei. Through the surreal diagnosis, complete mastectomy of one of my breasts, chemo that took my hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and everywhere else for a while (hey, no having to shave your legs!). I too chose to have my hair buzzed off. That was October 2000. Yes, 14 years ago. They said the cancer was aggressive. They said it did not look good for my longevity. At the 5 year mark, they said cancer free. At the 10 year mark, no need to return to the oncologist – I was “cured”. Said they didn’t get to say that very often. At the end of your treatments and your recovery, you will look back and see the amazing moments that will redefine you. You will find rainbows in the rain. You will find blessings, yes BLESSINGS, in your journey. Hope is a free gift. Accept it and hold on tight. Your life will be filled with friends and love that you could never have imagined. Love and hope. Inspiration. God bless you.

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