Pure Michigan

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The family you see here, they are an extension of my VERY best friend. We have laughed, cried, celebrated, mourned, with one another more than any other friend in my life. We have not only excused any short comings in our relationship, but we refuse to see them and if we do, well we just make fun of each other:) She is a constant rock in my life, a place to go when nothing is right, a place to celebrate when everything is right.I tell you our history because even with everything I know about my friend, her challenges, her strengths, there remains to be something that always seems new, a lesson that I am always learning. The lesson begins with one of the boys in these photos and the unconditional love of her and her husband. Although he speaks no words, his teachings are immeasurable. As his mother, she learns through him, as her friend, I learn through both of them. This is dedication beyond words, pure love that has no boundaries.HE is a gift! SHE is a gift! Together they teach about the ability to love without question. Each of us are allowed to make our mark in this world, a dent into the future. Some are done with words, some with actions, his is done in silence. To embrace all that he is, there is no need to open your ears, or your mouth. It requires opening your heart! The boy in these photos, he is a pretty big deal!!!

This can not be written without expressing the POWER of a sibling. The unconditional love, the ongoing commitment and understanding of a brother that is delayed. These things often very difficult to explain at such a tender age. But he…oh he is so perfect for this mission. He is charming and funny. He is witty and kind. He is the best little brother and bog brother could EVER ask for!Thank you for allowing me to capture your life but even more, for allowing me to be part of it!


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  1. Oh I love this and I love you ! SO very lblessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for the amazing photos and for being so wonderful !

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