Oh Baby


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You know in celebrity interviews how they tell you what the celebrity was wearing when they showed up, what they were eating? Ok, lets try it. I show up to this little guys home and it as quiet as could be. Is there a baby in there? Could he be THAT good? I take a tour around the place, checking out my photo spots, we begin to rearrange. But the suspense is killing me, our celebrity boy has not shown his face and I am dying to see him. I hear a baby giggle and I follow it. I walk into a room where he is surrounded by some of his favorite women, he is laughing. He looks right at me, makes eye contact and lights me up with a perfect smile. Off we go. With babies this age I am ready and willing to do the session FAST. I normally have right around 20 minutes, and the baby gets sick of me, sick of my camera. Not this little man, I didn’t want to leave, I was sure he was ready for more! Do you think they will find it strange if I come back tomorrow? BTW, do not let the finger photo fool you, he loved me 🙂


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