Missing Summer Already!

Yes, I am missing summer already! Trust me, I like the time I have to work when my kids go back to school. My days do seem more organized, I feel better prepared. But, there is something that comes with summer that I treasure. It takes me back, I clearly remember the sense of freedom, the feeling of endless lazy days, the sunburned face, the warm lake. So each year when summer arrives, I wish that for my own children. I love that we are cooking dinner at 8pm and not getting ready for bed. I love that we do not have to plan, schedule, manage… I love to watch the summer unfold, the creative minds expand. Yes, I love summer and even though in August I am ready for a more structured life, two weeks back in school and I want to rewind the clock. So for weeks after school starts, each night I check on my sleeping beauties and wonder if I have done enough, taught enough, enjoyed enough, taken enough time and it makes me want summer back. _SWP2328 _SWP2329 _SWP2349 _SWP2354 _SWP2361 _SWP1906 _SWP1923 _SWP2326 _SWP2376 tubing tubing2 waterfall _SWP2368 _SWP0254 _SWP0398_SWP9519 _SWP9689

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