In The City

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Over the last three years, I have photographed these wonderful girls numerous times! Their Mom is not only one of my closest friends, but on of my biggest supporters. She has believed in me, encouraged me, pushed me, given me the “straight talk”. In the moments that this seemed to be too much, when I failed and had to get back up, I relied on her for the extra push. It does not come with fluff, it is not filled with empty compliments and it certainly has never come with an “it will be okay”. No her support speaks to me in the only way I know how to listen. Get back on your feet, toughen up and get your a()() back to work, figure it out, work harder than the rest, the moment you begin to doubt yourself, doubt your talent, everyone else will fallow suit! So, to my wonderful friend, each year I photograph these beautiful girls I am reminded how instrumental you have been in my growth and I love you for it. Now, all this sappy stuff written, I will have to read it to her because she refuses to join Facebook (grin)!

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