When The House Lights Dim

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I am sitting at my desk one evening, still working, as it was the “busy season”. My phone vibrates and I glance down, “Can you take Senior photos of my daughter. Last minute, she needs them next week?” My immediate thought is, “no way”. I glance at my schedule, “double no way”. I continue to work planning to answer the text before I wrap up my night. One more glance at my schedule (I am a sucker for a desperate call for help). This time a name pops up, a movable client, a non- holiday movable client. We had already discussed the possibility of moving the session for reasons on her end.

I send a text. “I am in need of an opening, Senior photos, they need them by next week. Thoughts on moving your appointment?” She quickly flashes back, “Eeeekkkk , my Senior portraits were the bomb, best photos I have ever taken. Tell her she can have you, I will wait”.  And so it began, we were shooting only 4 days later! The session ranks in my top 5 favorite session of all time. You see, she is a photographer as well. A VERY different type of photographer. She smashes in with a bunch of people she has never met, holds her camera high and captures the fast and exciting images of a concert.  Before meeting, I check out her website, get a glimpse into her work, and I am totally captivated! Meeting was some of the same. We had an instant connection, a natural flow to our conversations and we were both totally smitten with the session details.

With that introduction, it is here that I give to you, my top 5 and the beautiful, ever so wonderful Caroline. She is as gorgeous on the inside and she is on the out. Her smile can change your day and her natural comfort settles so beautifully  in front of the camera! She is something special! You can also check her work out here: http://whenthehouselightsdim.com

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  1. You are amazing Sarah, and as the desperate Mom that made the frantic text that day…… I am ever so grateful that fate intervened and gave us the gift of your talent! (And to your client that was patient and allowed Caroline to take her appointment: We sincerely thank you, too!!)

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