Bring It

In an effort not to be redundant… oh what the hay, let’s be redundant. I can bring a great deal to a session. Camera equipment, experience, a perfect location. We could have planned outfits, discussed personalities and layout the entire session before the actual date. There is one thing I can not bring, family chemistry. We all have it, the things that make us laugh, the inside jokes. We know what is coming, what to expect with one another. We know what makes us happy, what makes us angry. We are in fact, family. No, not “we” like you and I. “We” like the beautiful people standing in front of my camera. The “we” that hired a photographer to come out and capture everything that is beautiful about us (or we, bad grammar included).

So? BRING IT! Bring it on, all that family chemistry that makes you so great! Pile it on! Add a cherry on top! It is one thing that I can not bring to the session,┬áit is all you, it is the “we” in each and every one of us.

You can see it here, in the images of this session. There is love, character, fun, silliness. I didn’t bring these things. Now sure, I encourage them, I give them a name, a story line, but they brought every piece of their family chemistry to this session!

lorena-10 lorena-12 lorena-13 lorena-15 lorena-14 lorena-11 lorena-16 lorena-17 lorena-18 lorena-19 lorena-20 lorena-21

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