Waterside Life

There is something to be said about a family raising boys, and allowing them to be BOYS! Now, I do not mean crazy, no manners boys. I mean boys that are being exposed to those things that make boys tick. Boating, fishing, playing ball, getting dirty, telling jokes… I loved the chemistry with this family, […]

Its a Downtown Affair

So incredibly lucky to know this family, to photograph this family! I celebrated a big event with them last year, we are here again for some family time pictures! I can not say enough about their warmth, their humor, their chemistry! LOVE LOVE LOVE these three!

Missing Summer Already!

Yes, I am missing summer already! Trust me, I like the time I have to work when my kids go back to school. My days do seem more organized, I feel better prepared. But, there is something that comes with summer that I treasure. It takes me back, I clearly remember the sense of freedom, […]

It is Time to Visit the Scratching Post

      I had the pleasure of joining these three and their adoring Dad in their home earlier this week. Cats are so uniquely designed and these three were no exception! Three different personalities, three different ways of expressing themselves and three different approaches to life, well cat life that is! I love photographing cats […]

Love Is In The Air

     I am excited to be writing this blog post. Why you ask? Well, this session was cancelled not once, not twice but THREE times due to rain. Ugh! The night we captured these photos, it threatened again. But then clear skies for this beautiful couple! Happy Engagement!!!!

Georgia On My Mind

This age is one of my favorites. I could talk to this baby all day, waiting for him to repeat a new sound, a new word. I love how every expression is built into their every move, how new things are still being tested. I love when a reach means they are good with you […]

Twins Times Two

  Twins, two sets of twins! How crazy is that! I have photographed them before and I couldn’t get over it then. Now to see them grow, to see the chemistry. Two sets of twins, one family! That is CRAZY!!! And they are ALL BEAUTIFUL!! What a blessing for them and for me!

Celebrating Life

         This was a pretty special session for me, a celebration to the years their Grandmother has spent with them and the years she will continue to spend. What a wonderful way to capture these moments and memories of her. She reminded me so much of my own Grandmother, this session was […]

Unleashed, The Beginning

If you have come here to support my mission, a big wet nose THANK YOU goes out to you! My life has been changed over the last 2 months as I have spent time photographing pets that have found themselves without a home, without a companion. I look into those eyes and see such innocence, a forgiving spirit, a welcoming w

The Wait Is Over

This has been I long time coming from what I hear. On 12.12.12 this gorgeous couple exchanged vows, adding a signature and paper to their family and 10 years of love. It even rained a bit for them, lets call it good luck. And, while we were shooting a dolphin went by and smiled at […]

So Much Beauty

Many moons ago I went to college with this wonderful Mama. Go Gators! I have not seen her since we left wonderful Gainesville. Let me just tell you, she looks EXACTLY the same! I was so so excited to meet her family, her sweet boy and their GIANT furry baby.

Oh Baby

        You know in celebrity interviews how they tell you what the celebrity was wearing when they showed up, what they were eating? Ok, lets try it. I show up to this little guys home and it as quiet as could be. Is there a baby in there? Could he be THAT good? […]