When The House Lights Dim

I am sitting at my desk one evening, still working, as it was the “busy season”. My phone vibrates and I glance down, “Can you take Senior photos of my daughter. Last minute, she needs them next week?” My immediate thought is, “no way”. I glance at my schedule, “double no way”. I continue to […]

A Lake Front View

This is one beautiful family, a GORGEOUS family inside and out. They are kind, respectful, thoughtful. The boys make eye contact when they talk to you, smile a genuine smile. They make you feel important and your presence welcome. They have GREAT chemistry, even when they disagree with one another. This is a GREAT family, […]

Let The Fires Begin

I post this as I giggle. They are GORGEOUS!!! Simple, easy going and just GORGEOUS! She is a FIREFIGHTER!! Um, can you imagine if she showed up at your house with all her gear on to fight a fire? I can see the bacon fires starting now…on her shift that is!

The Dream Team

If you have had a family session with me, you know before the “event” I ask a bunch of questions. In fact, you may wonder, “Are we going on a date, or taking photos?” Often times when we show up, it seems easy, we did spend an hour on the phone by golly! So, when […]

And Then Came Baby

This session had been in the works for some time! I was so excited as I was privileged to be receiving updates on this new life! These are the times that make me love my job. From the outside you see the transition that takes place with a new baby in the home. The small […]

A Holiday Ring

  I could fill a book with the way I feel about this woman, the way I feel about people like this woman (maybe one day I will, wink). There is something to be said for a strong woman, something even more to be said for a dedicated, inspirational, beautiful, strong woman. She talks just […]

A Little Charlie In My Life

   This is the second year I have photographed this family. They are seriously BEAUTIFUL, Inside and out. They have an amazing family chemistry, they just get one another. The smiles and laughter are effortless. They are truly a joy to be around, that makes me VERY thankful that they have taken this photo journey […]

Wide Open Spaces

Let there be wide open spaces, where we can run. Let our minds follow suit and wander. Let the wind change our direction and the quiet ease our mind! How I LOVE wide open spaces. How I LOVE the country!

Down The Dirt Road

     There is a bit of country in me. If we have worked together, you probably already know this as I typically show up in my cowboy boots! So, anytime I get include a little of that country charm in my photography, well I gladly take the dirt road! These two made it all worth […]

The Surprise

   How I love the way this session unfolded AND how I love this family ! Any time you can capture the true essence of family AND fun, you have scored! This was so much for all, even the people walking by stopping to check things out!  Nothing matches beautiful people, so much amazing color […]

Tampa Love

Oh, how I LOVE this couple. From the moment we met, I felt like I was in familiar company. From the way they turned to each other to complete a sentence, to the way the so genuinely asked me questions and we talked about life, the big issues and the small. People like this make […]

In The City

  Over the last three years, I have photographed these wonderful girls numerous times! Their Mom is not only one of my closest friends, but on of my biggest supporters. She has believed in me, encouraged me, pushed me, given me the “straight talk”. In the moments that this seemed to be too much, when […]