The Journey

This journey, it is not mine. I stand behind a lens, mostly silent. The moments, they unfold without prompt, with little direction. These moments belong to her, they are hers to fear, hers to embrace, hers to fight. She comes armed with everything good. A pure, good heart, a giving soul, a husband that loves […]

The Shy One

They walk into a shelter to adopt a dog. The barking begins, dogs jumping on their doors, begging to be looked at, begging to go home. They walk through and notice her. She remains still in the back of her kennel, frozen, scared to death. She is young, her short life already giving her reason […]

Vacation Love

Yes I do! I LOVE vacation, I love my vacations, I love seeing photos from someone else’s vacation! I love photographing vacations! We get to unwind, relax, enjoy one another! So, you can imagine how excited I get to photograph a family during the most relaxing time of their year! Ahh, vacation…take me away!!

Lets Play Ball

        If I am being honest, I was a little nervous with this session. After 30 minutes with the boys, I had zero buy in from the oldest and it was catching on to the younger brother. If I do not know something new after 30 minutes…we are in trouble, and frankly I am […]

A Family Complete

It is personally one of the greatest honors as a  photographer, a newborn session. Unlike so many of my other sessions, where I go into homes, a newborn session carries a different element, a different tone. In good ways, in great ways, in exhausting ways, in upside down ways, this new being has completely changed the […]

The Visit

From the cutest dog EVER, to the sweetest bright eyed little boy and a set of bald, amazingly beautiful twins and gorgeous parents, what more could you ask for? This session had it all, a beautiful Florida backdrop and gorgeous people to fill the pages!

And Then There Were Five

  When I presented them with their order I included a Thank You card. I do this for so many of my clients, but this one was a bit different. I adore this family and while I was writing their thank you, I had an Ah Ha moment. My dream of someday doing what I […]

Tiny Bubbles

          For the past year I have carried bubbles in my “dog bag”, determined to find a dog willing to appease me and play my bubble game. Somehow, I have never tried this on my own dogs! Was I ever missing out!! Bubbles make EVERYONE happy!

Pit Bull Perfection

  Lets just cut right to the chase, if you do not know by now, the news is out. I LOVE PIT BULLS!!!! I am a sucker for the underdog. I am a bigger sucker when that underdog is the most amazing furry creature willingly covering my face with its wonderful kisses. Yep, I have […]

Take One

I am going to guess that I am not alone here when I say as a photographer, our holiday photos can be just a tad bit stressful. This is the busiest time of the year for me. And yet, each year I wait until the last minute to take our holiday photos. Each year I […]

The Name

You have to know when you speak to someone about their session and you can hear them smiling over the telephone, things are good! I get excited about sessions like this. I get excited to see and hear the joy that comes from someone talking about the things, people, animals they love! That spark is […]

In The Middle Of Everywhere

I had to travel an entire two blocks to do this session. Whew… I was exhausted. What a super evening, with fun, GREAT, kind and funny kids! They are the family next door, the GREAT American family. The kids spend most of their time outside, they get dirty, they get creative. They love each other, […]