Thunder Rolls

This is always a special treat, photographing my best friend’s family. This year, we selected the Treasure Island Beach. The beach never disappoints, but who could have ever expected the wonderful backdrop of a storm rolling in? The most amazing, beautiful clouds quickly became a part of our backdrop. Unlike other beach storms, this one spared […]

Bring It

In an effort not to be redundant… oh what the hay, let’s be redundant. I can bring a great deal to a session. Camera equipment, experience, a perfect location. We could have planned outfits, discussed personalities and layout the entire session before the actual date. There is one thing I can not bring, family chemistry. […]

Watch Me Grow

I will make an attempt to explain my excitement over this project. This year I have been a part of three dog calendars. This one, winners of an online photo contest, brought me all over the Tampa Bay Area. Over the course of a month, I came together with beautiful dog owners to capture their dogs […]

Fight Like A Girl

The most amazing and the most difficult thing about life is that it is filled with the unknown. We have no way to know the surprises, challenges, the growth, the love or the heartache that will fill in the gaps of our story, we are only a part of the journey. With every great story […]

Beautiful Bohemian Girls

We are blessed here in St. Petersburg, so many places to photograph with the beach, parks, water, and city sky lines. When the outfits and vibe were organized for this session, I knew this location would be a slam dunk! The look an airy mix of whimsical and bohemian brought this all together. The cherry on top, these […]

Waterfront View

Over the last 11 years, I have had the pleasure of watching these babies grow! They are kind, well mannered, beautiful and funny. They define one another, as a well built, connected family does. I get all mushy inside when I think about what the future holds for them and the next 11 years! Seeing them […]

Sit Means Sit

  Some of the most common things I hear, when booking a dog session, is “my dog can be a little crazy.” Or, “my dog is not that well behaved”. Or, “he can not be off his leash in the park”. Enter in THIS session, with the owners of the St. Petersburg, Sit Means Sit Dog Training! […]

Girls, Girls, Girls

From the moment they stepped out of the car, I knew this session was going to be beautiful! The little one is a spitting image of Dad, the older one? A spitting image of Mom. The smiles came with missing teeth, seriously now? What else can a girl ask for? Oh wait, yes, yes, yes.   […]

A Dogs Life

When these images opened up to my computer screen, I think I let out a squeal! This session is packed with adorable personality, fuzzy ears, and character plus, plus, plus. I can not say enough about how cute these four legged pouches are and how wonderful the people that love them are!!! The entire thing […]

Be A Fan

They are some of the funniest people I know. It is because they laugh at life, the crazy things that life has to offer, the crazy things we have to offer to our life. They are funny and they are true, true to who they are as a family, true to who they are as […]

Pure Michigan

The family you see here, they are an extension of my VERY best friend. We have laughed, cried, celebrated, mourned, with one another more than any other friend in my life. We have not only excused any short comings in our relationship, but we refuse to see them and if we do, well we just […]

Just Swing

I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to log photos and have to do them by last name and year. Watching a family grow is honestly one of the best things about this gig. This little guy, to date, remains one of my favorite babies I have ever photographed. Those sparkling blue eyes, […]