Bring It

In an effort not to be redundant… oh what the hay, let’s be redundant. I can bring a great deal to a session. Camera equipment, experience, a perfect location. We could have planned outfits, discussed personalities and layout the entire session before the actual date. There is one thing I can not bring, family chemistry. […]

Waterfront View

Over the last 11 years, I have had the pleasure of watching these babies grow! They are kind, well mannered, beautiful and funny. They define one another, as a well built, connected family does. I get all mushy┬áinside when I think about what the future holds for them and the next 11 years! Seeing them […]

Unleashed, The Beginning

If you have come here to support my mission, a big wet nose THANK YOU goes out to you! My life has been changed over the last 2 months as I have spent time photographing pets that have found themselves without a home, without a companion. I look into those eyes and see such innocence, a forgiving spirit, a welcoming w