Be A Fan

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They are some of the funniest people I know. It is because they laugh at life, the crazy things that life has to offer, the crazy things we have to offer to our life. They are funny and they are true, true to who they are as a family, true to who they are as people, as friends. The family in these photos….well lets just say I am a pretty big fan!

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  1. Hi Sarah I am a fellow pet lover, so you spoke to my heart. We live in WI but later this summer I am going to try to get my kids and grandaughter to come to florida and have our family pics done, its been a really long time. We own a condo in Dunedin and would love to do a family shoot at Honeymoon and around Dunedin since it so special too us. Wondering if that would be something you could do and what your thoughts are for ideas. I definately want some beach pics and maybe some at the marina, since we spend a lot of time at both and of course Downtownn Dunedin. How much would something like that run for a shoot. It would be family pics, my son and his year old daughter (Our Princess) My son and her Fiance, My husband and I and our two dogs Tater and Mindy (Border collie and Great Dane)

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