Baby Life

One of the most rewarding parts of being a photographer is the relationships. Watching families grow, people grow, children grow. From behind my camera, I see the excitement of a new babies arrival, the joy that comes from a child smile. I see what happens in the silence and what happens with excitement. Sure, it is a fraction of your life, a tiny spot on the radar of growth, but that tiny spot takes up a BIG part of my heart. I have a true love for people and their stories. Which brings me to this family.

I have photographed their dogs three years in a row in different locations around St. Petersburg. In those three years, I have come to know how loved these two are and discovered quickly why. They are simple. Not simple in a derogatory way, simple in the not complicated way.  They are simply kind, simply warm, simply genuine. They do not care who you are, what you do, where you are from, they just care. It is something that seems to be missing in our lives today, simplicity.

This brings me back to the part I love, those families that I have come to adore, this family that I have become so fond of. No matter how small I was on their radar, they filled my heart. So when they announced they would be moving across the country, my heart sank a bit. Sure, I can pick up the phone and call, see pictures….but as a photographer, there is nothing more special than capturing and getting to know a couple that is simply one of a kind.

A little collection of our time together, moving day, messy hair and all…

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