And Then There Were Five

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When I presented them with their order I included a Thank You card. I do this for so many of my clients, but this one was a bit different. I adore this family and while I was writing their thank you, I had an Ah Ha moment. My dream of someday doing what I love for a living, my dream of capturing the stories of families like this, it had come true. Sure, I have been plucking away over here, sessions, editing, blogging, billing, you name it. But until  I sat down to write a thank you to a family I hold so dear to my heart, had I REALLY realized what it meant. This session captured  new life, the kids have grown since I saw them and photographed them last. Here I am, capturing a family as they grow, getting to know a family as they grow, telling the story of a family as they grow. I am doing what I LOVE!

I have said so many times, I believe in following dreams. I believe in doing what you love. But, we all know, in life that is not always possible. In is not always attainable. So, when I set out to start my photography business I made a clear decision, I would not be the mom with the camera (even though I am that too), I would be the business woman with a dream. This would not be a fly by night business that I worked into my stay at home schedule, this would in fact be my full time job. And so while thanking one of the best families I have ever been blessed to photograph the Ah Ha, my dreams…they are coming true moment got me a bit choked up. One of my favorite quotes of all time. “It is not about how bad you want it…Its about how HARD you’re willing to WORK for it.  Thank you to the B family for allowing me the opportunity to do what I love!


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