And Then Came Baby

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This session had been in the works for some time! I was so excited as I was privileged to be receiving updates on this new life! These are the times that make me love my job. From the outside you see the transition that takes place with a new baby in the home. The small and big changes to each individual. And although my glimpse is short lived and the tidbits just that, it is a glimpse at a family being transformed. ¬†And then came baby… she changed your world, she gives hope, an understanding of unconditional, undying love, she makes you more aware, more emotional, more thoughtful. A baby brings fear, fear for the world, fear for the unknown and then she takes it all away with her first smile, the first giggle. Your heart feels different, life is different. A baby changes EVERYTHING!!! Congratulations on the addition of your precious baby girl!

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