The Artist


Thank you for stopping by and checking out my site! I am a mother of 2 active boys,  married to the love of my life and, well, my third child. I am also a photographer, animal advocate, and a business woman. I take all of these things very serious. My journey in photography has been to capture the dynamics of life, love, family and friendship. I photograph to capture precious moments, to tell a story, make you fall in love with the story. I live for the moments that happen in between the moments we plan; the giggles,  messy hair,  dirty knees, a shy smile, a dirty face, a whisper, the show of affection. Years from now these in between moments will define that stage of our life.  
My creativity borders on “crazy” at least, this is what I hear in my loved ones whispers. I change the color of rooms too many times, spend nights awake working out the PERFECT session, and will do ridiculous amounts of things to capture the “right” moment. I have spent a great deal of time in front of and behind the camera. I am a self- taught, mostly natural light photographer. My style is contemporary,  with a lifestyle approach. So, in non– photography terms, I photograph moments in settings that speak to us with some traditional stuff mixed in. I believe in photography that makes you feel, images that define you, puts a smile on your face and a warmth in your heart. There is no better way to do this than to freeze the life you have created! 
In addition to my creative side, I have WAY too much energy. Like energy to go around a room TEN TIMES! I am extremely passionate  about my work, about life and crazy passionate about animals. I believe that we all have something to share, so I often open my heart and my work to families and animals in need. This is where I give back and it has become a large part of my  business model. My volunteer work has blessed my life in more ways than I could ever express in words. I have met the most amazing people, have witnessed and taken part in rewarding animal rescues. There are two questions that I ask myself often. How can I make my business better? And how can I give more? As you give of yourself, you find yourself.
 I am a believer in good, in hard work and fulfilling dreams.  I live by many of the wise words of Dr. Seuss and Winnie the Pooh. (and saying this did NOT make me blush!) I am following my passion here and every day, with every family, each and every animal, this passion gives back to me, feeding my soul. So, in the words of the very wise Dr. Seuss, “I am on my way.”
Thank you for dropping by, for reading this to the end and for considering Sarah Wood Photography for your photography needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

*Photo credit to the lovely Ginny at Sleepy Fox Photography