A Lake Front View

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This is one beautiful family, a GORGEOUS family inside and out. They are kind, respectful, thoughtful. The boys make eye contact when they talk to you, smile a genuine smile. They make you feel important and your presence welcome. They have GREAT chemistry, even when they disagree with one another. This is a GREAT family, a refreshing family to observe. We had many giggles about the chemistry of having three boys! And yet, as much as we discussed feeling like the outsider, divided by sex, there was no divide here, or at least that was not what I witnessed. There was loyalty, a respect for the female in their lives, there was an obvious devotion to their mom, I think it plays out in these photos. There is a quote on Pinterest, where I get all my nonsensical knowledge of life, ” A man that treats his woman like a princess is proof that he was born and raised in the arms of a queen.” ┬áMay we raise boys like queens!

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  1. Sarah, I love all of these pictures. I am having them printed for framing and am so excited. You captured our family, with all of its love and silliness. Scott and I could never have put these images together without you. We are so grateful for documenting this moment in our lives of these 3 monkeys! Scott does treat me like a princess, and his mom like a queen. Hopefully, I can raise these boys in the same manner. Thank you again!

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