A Holiday Ring

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I could fill a book with the way I feel about this woman, the way I feel about people like this woman (maybe one day I will, wink). There is something to be said for a strong woman, something even more to be said for a dedicated, inspirational, beautiful, strong woman. She talks just as much as me, if not more (never thought that was possible). She has a fire in her heart that burns so strong, there is no man, no human, no door closed that will put it out. Her dedication embraces her family, her friends, her four- legged family and animals she has never met. She takes leaps of faith, trust her gut and rescues one dog after another. She has seen the dark side and promises to make it brighter. Her heart breaks and she turns her sorrow into a mission. Like I said, I could fill a book  My life is better than it was a year ago because she is in it and I am going to guess, many more would agree. I am tickled to share with you, my friend that HATES being photographed and her baby, Ring.

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