A Baby Changes Everything

In the last 5 years, I have watched two sweet girls grow into amazing children. While documenting their family we have become close, sharing moments throughout the year, getting to know one another. They make my heart smile, their adult like conversations are exciting to be a part of, they are witty and kind. Getting to know this family has blessed my life, reminded me why I love what I do, and given me the most beautiful subjects to add to the flow of images I capture.!

We have become so close that on my way to capture the birth of their new brother, I picked the girls up from school. With the excitement flowing in the car, we headed from St. Petersburg to Tampa to meet their new brother. What an honor to be trusted so much in a moment like this. Eight days later, we were back together photographing him in their home. He is tiny, beautiful, adored and very much loved. This moment, his entrance, their love for him is glorious in so many ways! I am beyond excited and honored to be a part of his entrance into this life.

Welcome to the world baby T. You are truly blessed to be part of such a spectacular family!

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