LetLet me be frank, it is a pure gift from doggie heaven when the call comes in to photograph 2 French Bulldogs and their English Bulldog brother! I may have squealed a little when I hung up the phone! The smooshed in faces, wrinkles, goofy personalities will make for a rewarding session and the most amazing […]

Capture What You Love

One of the first questions I will ask when planning a session is, “Where do you spend your time”. It is so important to include elements into family sessions that define our family! This is often why I photograph in homes. Even the tiniest pieces of your story matter! Sure, we could travel to a new […]

Let The Sun Shine

These girls!!! They were so well behaved, so sweet, so absolutely WONDERFUL! The ability to spend time with and capture a family such as this sends me home with a gigantic smile on my face. I am a mom, I know how important it is to capture character, love and “family” in a session. This […]

Thunder Rolls

This is always a special treat, photographing my best friend’s family. This year, we selected the Treasure Island Beach. The beach never disappoints, but who could have ever expected the wonderful backdrop of a storm rolling in? The most amazing, beautiful clouds quickly became a part of our backdrop. Unlike other beach storms, this one spared […]

Bring It

In an effort not to be redundant… oh what the hay, let’s be redundant. I can bring a great deal to a session. Camera equipment, experience, a perfect location. We could have planned outfits, discussed personalities and layout the entire session before the actual date. There is one thing I can not bring, family chemistry. […]

Watch Me Grow

I will make an attempt to explain my excitement over this project. This year I have been a part of three dog calendars. This one, winners of an online photo contest, brought me all over the Tampa Bay Area. Over the course of a month, I came together with beautiful dog owners to capture their dogs […]

Fight Like A Girl

The most amazing and the most difficult thing about life is that it is filled with the unknown. We have no way to know the surprises, challenges, the growth, the love or the heartache that will fill in the gaps of our story, we are only a part of the journey. With every great story […]