In The Middle Of Everywhere

I had to travel an entire two blocks to do this session. Whew… I was exhausted. What a super evening, with fun, GREAT, kind and funny kids! They are the family next door, the GREAT American family. The kids spend most of their time outside, they get dirty, they get creative. They love each other, […]

When The House Lights Dim

I am sitting at my desk one evening, still working, as it was the “busy season”. My phone vibrates and I glance down, “Can you take Senior photos of my daughter. Last minute, she needs them next week?” My immediate thought is, “no way”. I glance at my schedule, “double no way”. I continue to […]

A Lake Front View

This is one beautiful family, a GORGEOUS family inside and out. They are kind, respectful, thoughtful. The boys make eye contact when they talk to you, smile a genuine smile. They make you feel important and your presence welcome. They have GREAT chemistry, even when they disagree with one another. This is a GREAT family, […]

Let The Fires Begin

I post this as I giggle. They are GORGEOUS!!! Simple, easy going and just GORGEOUS! She is a FIREFIGHTER!! Um, can you imagine if she showed up at your house with all her gear on to fight a fire? I can see the bacon fires starting now…on her shift that is!

The Dream Team

If you have had a family session with me, you know before the “event” I ask a bunch of questions. In fact, you may wonder, “Are we going on a date, or taking photos?” Often times when we show up, it seems easy, we did spend an hour on the phone by golly! So, when […]

And Then Came Baby

This session had been in the works for some time! I was so excited as I was privileged to be receiving updates on this new life! These are the times that make me love my job. From the outside you see the transition that takes place with a new baby in the home. The small […]