The Wait Is Over

This has been I long time coming from what I hear. On 12.12.12 this gorgeous couple exchanged vows, adding a signature and paper to their family and 10 years of love. It even rained a bit for them, lets call it good luck. And, while we were shooting a dolphin went by and smiled at […]

So Much Beauty

Many moons ago I went to college with this wonderful Mama. Go Gators! I have not seen her since we left wonderful Gainesville. Let me just tell you, she looks EXACTLY the same! I was so so excited to meet her family, her sweet boy and their GIANT furry baby.

Oh Baby

        You know in celebrity interviews how they tell you what the celebrity was wearing when they showed up, what they were eating? Ok, lets try it. I show up to this little guys home and it as quiet as could be. Is there a baby in there? Could he be THAT good? […]